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My beloved husband,

You are driving me nuts. There have been a couple times in the last couple days that I would just like to strangle you.

I know you are excited that your parents (who have been divorced for 25 years) are back together again. And believe it or not, I get that your excitement is pushing normal things out of your head. However, I really don't think I can handle much more of your absentmindedness and plain stubborness.

Originally when everybody (your Mom, Dad and sister) was coming out they were going to be here last Thursday. Because sister was going to be able to get off work and they could have several days. And even though I really made it clear that the weekend was bad and gave the reasons, you never even whispered to them that it was a bad time for us. It wasn't till Monday of last week that I was brought up to date that they weren't going to be here Thursday but Saturday late night/early Sunday morning. The worst part of my irritation about this is that you didn't even tell me that this plan had changed, but asked me if the kids could miss school today so they could spend time with the Grandparents.

Ah, the school issue. *sigh*. Never would I (or you for that matter) allow the kids to skip school for a trip from the grandparents. The youngest has been sick a lot this year, and I know that she is doing great in school, but I don't want to take her out more. The middle child... he just got his reading and writing to grade level on the report card we got last week. But, despite me wanting to stand firm on "No", it is hard for me to see the excitement in your eyes and not do something. So I agree to a half day of school, because most of the ciriculum for the both of them is done in the morning.

The one thing I asked you to talk to your mom about (and you told me you had, but from talking to her last night, you didn't). was the fact that all 3 kids know that Grandma and Grandpa are divorced. And that I really wanted to keep that they were "together" away from the kids until it had been longer than 2 months. Unfortunately, all our kids are from divorced parents, I didn't want that kind of false hope in them, especially since middle boy is already asking when Mommy and Daddy are going to move back together. You told me you completely understood my concern, and said you would handle it... well, the night we spent all together last night (before I even talked to your Mom) proves that you didn't do that. I know your mother, and that if she understood the concern she would have been good about it.

Then there is last night... there is no good way to describe last nights fiasco. So we shall start at the beginning. We had been spatting during the day and I was already feeling sore that you were dragging it out in front of your parents. How dare you be such an arrogant ass.... But moving on. Everybody decides to go to Chuck E Cheese. It is decided that only the kids would eat there since it is the worst food imaginable and the adults would eat at home. Works for me, since I am on a diet (and you know that I am working hard at it - with results!). We get there before 6 and food was ordered and tokens purchased. Still feeling sick to my stomach. , and honestly, hours at Chuck E Cheese holds little appeal to me. I do this several times a year. And so do you with little patience beyond about an hour. So imagine my suprise when 2 hours later (and now 8pm) you show no signs of slowing down. Nor do you care that it is going to be too late for the kids to go to bed on time (if we left then). Struggling not to be pissed that you are not still trying to force your way about school today. I am alternating sitting at our table and running (sometimes literally) to the bathroom. You stopped by a couple time to ask if my stomache was still bothering me. I say yes, and you move on. That it really didn't matter to you about that I wasn't feeling great. To boot, you all ate some of the crummy pizza so you weren't hungry either, unlike your wife who was assured she didn't need to eat before we went. At 9pm we are finally leaving, nevermind they are closing the store. Now things kind of errupt when we get home (before your parents come in).  You tell me how unhappy you are that I wasn't all excited and running around Chuck E Cheese. And that I was being horrible for being irritated about the time.  "I just didn't want the grandparents to have time with the kids* Bullshit, your parents were off too themselves not being too subtle (look at the pictures) about being together. Not with the kids. Then I go to put the children to bed. ...  we are still spatting and you tell me again what a bitch I am for not letting the kids stay home from school the whole day and I say, well if what I am willing to do is not good enough, then screw any of that. I am not going to take off work early and pick them up early if it means nothing. I go upstairs and about that time your family comes in.

Here is where it gets good...  According to you and your mom, she asked you what is the plan for tomorrow (today). Your smart ass mouth says "Ask my wife". Your mom isn't stupid and says, nevermind, we will leave tonight. You come walking upstairs almost gloating "I hope you are happy... they are leaving tonight". I am not happy about them leaving, I like them. I am irritated because I became invisible during this visit and you became an ass. But I handle this calmly, "why are they leaving early" "Because they aren't going to see the kids at all tomorrow". "I take it that you didn't tell them that I had arranged for a half day for everyone" "No, because I was going to work on convincing you on the whole day". Asshole.  Seriously.

So I put on my big girl pants. I ask your mom if we can talk. She and I have always had that ability. So we sit down in our room despite you walking in and out and being a completed dick (and if you don't think she saw it... you probably need to re-evaluate that situation). I calmly tell her EVERYTHING, including that I know why you are being retarded, but still getting irritated over it. And she is the one that chimes in and say "I know how he is". I tell her that I don't want her to leave... because you were more interested in cutting your nose off so you can shove in my face later, that you didn't realize you were taking something away from them too. I told her the school thing. You know what... she liked that idea better so they could sleep in since they had only had about 5 hours of sleep in 2 days (you had left her with the impression she wouldn't see the kids till 6??? WTF - I pick the kids up from school every day). She hadn't known my concern with the kids. And she knew from many of the things that had gone on that I was definitely not in the loop.  She and I talked about a couple other things, that honestly you will find out in time... (not my information to share).

Basically, As much as I love your family... I do. I can't wait for this trip to be over so you can move on from star-struck 6 year old that got his wish that Mom and Dad are back together. While I am excited for you, I want my husband back. I love him and miss him desperately.


KH love
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